Aromatic Stone Set size L with Rosemary Essential Oil


使用 Pranali 香石,随时随地尽享香氛护理。由高精白瓷精制而成,Pranali 香石可将香氛护理熏香存放长达 8 小时。使用 Pranali 香石,重新绽放生命活力

  • Pranali Reed Diffuser creates a perfect atmosphere for any room or workplace. An ideal alternative from the traditional scented candle, which disperses its scent in a flameless style that lasts up to 3 months in a single-use. With an inspiring design, it can redefine your living space and create a relaxing ambiance. Transform your room and feel the essence of nature with Pranali Reed Diffuser.

1. Open the bottle and immerse the reed sticks into the bottle. You can garnish the reed stick to express your inspiration

2. Reed sticks will slowly absorb the fragrance and disperse scent into the space.

3. It is perfectly suitable for an area of 15-20 square meters. For a larger space, place additional Pranali Reed Diffuser in different locations to scent up the entire area.